libre  0.5.0
Data Fields
jbuf Struct Reference

Defines a jitter buffer. More...

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Data Fields

struct list pooll
 List of free frames in pool.
struct list framel
 List of buffered frames.
uint32_t n
 [# frames] Current # of frames in buffer
uint32_t min
 [# frames] Minimum # of frames to buffer
uint32_t max
 [# frames] Maximum # of frames to buffer
uint16_t seq_put
 Sequence number for last jbuf_put()
bool running
 Jitter buffer is running.
uint16_t seq_get
 Timestamp of last played frame.
struct jbuf_stat stat
 Jitter buffer Statistics.

Detailed Description

Defines a jitter buffer.

The jitter buffer is for incoming RTP packets, which are sorted by sequence number.

Definition at line 48 of file jbuf.c.

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