libre  0.5.0
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*accept.cSIP Session Accept
o*ack.cSIP Session ACK
o*sip/addr.cSIP Address decode
o*stun/addr.cSTUN Address encoding
o*apple/aes.cAES using Apple CommonCrypto API
o*openssl/aes.cAES (Advanced Encryption Standard) using OpenSSL
o*bfcp/attr.cBFCP Attributes
o*sdp/attr.cSDP Attributes
o*stun/attr.cSTUN Attributes
o*http/auth.cHTTP Authentication
o*sip/auth.cSIP Authentication
o*b64.cBase64 encoding/decoding functions
o*basic.cHTTP Basic authentication
o*bfcp.hInternal interface to Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP)
o*brt.cBSD routing table code
o*cand.cICE Candidates
o*candpair.cICE Candidate Pairs
o*ch.cCharacter format functions
o*chan.cTURN Channels handling
o*chklist.cICE Checklist
o*dns/client.cDNS Client
o*http/client.cHTTP Client
o*close.cSIP Session Close
o*comp.cICE Media component
o*conf.cConfiguration file parser
o*conn.cBFCP Connection
o*connchk.cICE Connectivity Checks
o*connect.cSIP Session Connect
o*contact.cSIP contact functions
o*crc32.cCRC32 Implementation
o*cseq.cSIP CSeq decode
o*cstr.cDNS character strings encoding
o*sip/ctrans.cSIP Client Transaction
o*stun/ctrans.cSTUN Client transactions
o*ctype.cContent-Type decode
o*daemon.cDaemonize process
o*dbg.cDebug printing
o*decode.cJSON decoder
o*decode_odict.cJSON odict decode
o*dialog.cSIP Dialog
o*digest.cHTTP Digest authentication (RFC 2617)
o*dl.cInterface to dynamic linking loader
o*dll.cDynamic library loading for Windows
o*dname.cDNS domain names
o*dns.hInternal DNS header file
o*dnsdisc.cDNS Discovery of a STUN Server
o*encode.cJSON encoder
o*endian.cEndianness converting routines
o*entry.cOrdered Dictionary – entry
o*epoll.cEpoll specific routines
o*fb.cReal-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP)-Based Feedback
o*filtering.cNAT Filtering Behaviour Discovery
o*format.cSDP format
o*fs.cFile-system functions
o*func.cHashmap functions
o*gather.cICE Candidate Gathering
o*genalg.cDetecting Generic ALGs
o*hairpinning.cNAT Hairpinning Behaviour discovery
o*hash.cHashmap table
o*dns/hdr.cDNS header encoding
o*stun/hdr.cSTUN Header encoding
o*hexdump.cHexadecimal dumping
o*apple/hmac.cHMAC using Apple API
o*openssl/hmac.cHMAC using OpenSSL
o*hmac_sha1.cImplements HMAC-SHA1 as of RFC 2202
o*ice.cInteractive Connectivity Establishment (ICE)
o*ice.hInternal Interface to ICE
o*icem.cICE Media stream
o*icesdp.cSDP Attributes for ICE
o*icestr.cICE Strings
o*if.cNetwork interface code
o*ifaddrs.cNetwork interface code using getifaddrs()
o*ind.cSTUN Indication
o*info.cSIP Session Info
o*init.cMain initialisation routine
o*jbuf.cJitter Buffer implementation
o*sip/keepalive.cSIP Keepalive
o*stun/keepalive.cSTUN usage for NAT Keepalives
o*keepalive_udp.cSIP UDP Keepalive
o*lifetime.cNAT Binding Lifetime Discovery
o*list.cLinked List implementation
o*sipevent/listen.cSIP Event Listen
o*sipsess/listen.cSIP Session Listen
o*lock.cPthread mutex locking
o*win32/lock.cLocking for Windows
o*main.cMain polling routine
o*main.hInternal interface to main polling loop
o*mapping.cNAT Mapping Behaviour discovery
o*mbuf.cMemory buffers
o*mcast.cUDP Multicast
o*media.cSDP Media
o*mem.cMemory management with reference counting
o*member.cReal-time Transport Control Protocol member
o*method.cPolling methods
o*misc.cSRTP functions
o*mod.cLoadable modules
o*mod_internal.hInternal interface to loadable module
o*modify.cSIP Session Modify
o*mqueue.cThread Safe Message Queue
o*mqueue.hThread Safe Message Queue – Internal API
o*bfcp/msg.cBFCP Message
o*http/msg.cHTTP Message decode
o*sdp/msg.cSDP Message processing
o*sip/msg.cSIP Message decode
o*sipevent/msg.cSIP event messages
o*stun/msg.cSTUN message encoding
o*natstr.cNAT Behaviour Discovery strings
o*net.cNetworking code
o*netstr.cNetwork strings
o*notify.cSIP Event Notify
o*ns.cDNS Nameserver configuration
o*ntop.cNetwork address structure functions
o*ntp.cNTP Routines
o*odict.cOrdered Dictionary
o*openssl.cOpenSSL initialisation and multi-threading routines
o*param.cSIP Parameter decode
o*perm.cTURN permission handling
o*pif.cPOSIX network interface code
o*pipe.cPipe-emulation for Windows
o*pkt.cRTCP Packet handling
o*pl.cPointer-length functions
o*print.cFormatted printing
o*printaddr.cSocket Address printing
o*prm.cGeneric parameter decoding
o*pton.cNetwork address structure functions
o*rand.cRandom generator
o*re.hWrapper for all header files
o*re_aes.hInterface to AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
o*re_base64.hInterface to Base64 encoding/decoding functions
o*re_bfcp.hInterface to Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP)
o*re_conf.hInterface to configuration
o*re_crc32.hInterface to CRC-32 functions
o*re_dbg.hInterface to debugging module
o*re_dns.hInterface to DNS module
o*re_fmt.hInterface to formatted text functions
o*re_hash.hInterface to hashmap table
o*re_hmac.hInterface to HMAC functions
o*re_http.hHypertext Transfer Protocol
o*re_httpauth.hInterface to HTTP Authentication
o*re_ice.hInterface to Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE)
o*re_jbuf.hInterface to Jitter Buffer
o*re_json.hInterface to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) – RFC 7159
o*re_list.hInterface to Linked List
o*re_lock.hInterface to locking functions
o*re_main.hInterface to main polling routine
o*re_mbuf.hInterface to memory buffers
o*re_md5.hInterface to MD5 functions
o*re_mem.hInterface to Memory management with reference counting
o*re_mod.hInterface to loadable modules
o*re_mqueue.hThread Safe Message Queue
o*re_msg.hInterface to generic message components
o*re_natbd.hNAT Behavior Discovery Using STUN (RFC 5780)
o*re_net.hInterface to Networking module
o*re_odict.hInterface to Ordered Dictionary
o*re_rtp.hInterface to Real-time Transport Protocol and RTCP
o*re_sa.hInterface to Socket Address
o*re_sdp.hInterface to Session Description Protocol (SDP)
o*re_sha.hInterface to SHA (Secure Hash Standard) functions
o*re_sip.hSession Initiation Protocol
o*re_sipevent.hSIP Event Framework
o*re_sipreg.hSIP Registration
o*re_sipsess.hSIP Session
o*re_srtp.hSecure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
o*re_stun.hSession Traversal Utilities for (NAT) (STUN)
o*re_sys.hInterface to system module
o*re_tcp.hInterface to Transport Control Protocol
o*re_telev.hInterface to Telephony Events (RFC 4733)
o*re_tls.hInterface to Transport Layer Security
o*re_tmr.hInterface to timer implementation
o*re_turn.hInterface to TURN implementation
o*re_types.hDefines basic types
o*re_udp.hInterface to User Datagram Protocol
o*re_uri.hInterface to URI module
o*re_websock.hThe WebSocket Protocol
o*reg.cSIP Registration
o*regex.cImplements basic regular expressions
o*rep.cSTUN reply
o*replay.cSRTP replay protection
o*bfcp/reply.cBFCP Reply
o*sip/reply.cSIP Reply
o*sipsess/reply.cSIP Session Reply
o*req.cSTUN request
o*bfcp/request.cBFCP Request
o*sip/request.cSIP Request
o*sipsess/request.cSIP Session Non-INVITE Request
o*res.cGet DNS Server IP using resolv
o*dns/rr.cDNS Resource Records
o*rtp/rr.cRTCP Reception report
o*rrlist.cDNS Resource Records list
o*linux/rt.cRouting table code for Linux
o*rt.cGeneric routing table code
o*rtcp.cReal-time Transport Control Protocol
o*rtcp.hInternal interface to RTCP
o*rtp.cReal-time Transport Protocol
o*rwlock.cPthread read/write locking
o*sa.cSocket Address
o*sa.hInternal interface to Socket Address
o*sdes.cRTCP Source Description
o*sdp.hInternal SDP interface
o*server.cHTTP Server
o*rtp/sess.cReal-time Transport Control Protocol Session
o*sipsess/sess.cSIP Session Core
o*session.cSDP Session
o*sha1.cSHA-1 in C
o*sip.cSIP Core
o*sip.hSIP Private Interface
o*sipevent.hSIP Event Private Interface
o*sipsess.hSIP Session Private Interface
o*sleep.cSystem sleep functions
o*sock.cNetworking sockets code
o*sockopt.cNetworking socket options
o*source.cReal-time Transport Control Protocol source
o*srtcp.cSecure Real-time Transport Control Protocol (SRTCP)
o*srtp.cSecure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
o*srtp.hSecure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) – internal
o*darwin/srv.cGet DNS Server IP code for Mac OS X
o*win32/srv.cGet DNS Server IP code for Windows
o*fmt/str.cString format functions
o*sdp/str.cSDP strings
o*str_error.cSystem error messages
o*strans.cSIP Server Transaction
o*stream.cSecure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) – stream
o*stub.cAES stub
o*stun.cSTUN stack
o*stun.hInternal STUN interface
o*stunsrv.cBasic STUN Server for Connectivity checks
o*stunstr.cSTUN Strings
o*subscribe.cSIP Event Subscribe
o*sys.cSystem information
o*tcp.cTransport Control Protocol
o*tcp_high.cHigh-level TCP functions
o*telev.cTelephony Events implementation (RFC 4733)
o*time.cTime formatting
o*tls.cTLS backend using OpenSSL
o*tls.hTLS backend using OpenSSL (Internal API)
o*tls_tcp.cTLS/TCP backend using OpenSSL
o*tls_udp.cDTLS backend using OpenSSL
o*tmr.cTimer implementation
o*transp.cSIP Transport
o*turnc.cTURN Client implementation
o*turnc.hInternal TURN interface
o*type.cOrdered Dictionary – value types
o*ucmp.cURI comparison
o*udp.cUser Datagram Protocol
o*unicode.cUnicode character coding
o*uri.cUniform Resource Identifier (URI) module
o*uric.cURI component escaping/unescaping
o*ice/util.cICE Utilities
o*sdp/util.cSDP utility functions
o*via.cSIP Via decode
o*websock.cImplementation of The WebSocket Protocol
o*wif.cWindows network interface code
\*wrap.cMD5 wrappers