libre  0.5.0
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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oCbfcp_attrBFCP Attribute
oCbfcp_encodeBFCP Encode
oCbfcp_errcodeBFCP Error Code
oCbfcp_msgBFCP Message
oCbfcp_reqstatusBFCP Request Status
oCbfcp_supattrBFCP Supported Attributes
oCbfcp_supprimBFCP Supported Primitives
oCbfcp_unknown_attrBFCP unknown attributes
oCchrDefines a character range
oCconfDefines a Configuration state
oCdnsc_confDNS Client configuration
oCdnshdrDefines a DNS Header
oCdnsrrDefines a DNS Resource Record (RR)
oCframeDefines a packet frame
oChashDefines a hashmap table
oChttp_hdrHTTP Header
oChttp_msgHTTP Message
oChttpauth_digest_challHTTP Digest Challenge
oChttpauth_digest_respHTTP Digest response
oCiceDefines an ICE session
oCice_candDefines a candidate
oCice_cand_attrDefines an SDP candidate attribute
oCice_candpairDefines a candidate pair
oCice_confICE Configuration
oCicemDefines an ICE media-stream
oCicem_compDefines a media-stream component
oCifentryInterface address entry
oCjbufDefines a jitter buffer
oCjbuf_statJitter buffer statistics
oCleLinked-list element
oClistDefines a linked list
oClockDefines a lock
oCmbufDefines a memory buffer
oCmemDefines a reference-counting memory object
oCmemstatMemory Statistics
oCmodDefines a loadable module
oCmod_exportDefines the module export
oCmqueueDefines a Thread-safe Message Queue
oCnat_filteringDefines a NAT Filtering Behaviour Discovery session
oCnat_genalgDefines a NAT Generic ALG detection session
oCnat_hairpinningDefines NAT Hairpinning Behaviour Discovery
oCnat_lifetimeDefines a NAT Binding Lifetime Discovery session
oCnat_lifetime_intervalDefines the NAT lifetime interval
oCnat_mappingDefines a NAT Mapping Behaviour Discovery session
oCnet_rtDefines a network route
oCntp_timeNTP Time
oCplDefines a pointer-length string type
oCrePolling loop data
oCre_printfDefines a print backend
oCreplayReplay protection
oCrtcp_msgOne RTCP Message
|\Crtcp_hdrRTCP Header
oCrtcp_rrReception report block
oCrtcp_sdes_itemSDES item
oCrtcp_sessRTCP Session
oCrtcp_statsRTCP Statistics
oCrtp_headerDefines the RTP header
oCrtp_memberRTP Member
oCrtp_sockDefines an RTP Socket
oCrtp_sourcePer-source state information
oCsaDefines a Socket Address
oCsdp_extmapRTP Header Extensions, as defined in RFC 5285
oCsdp_formatSDP Format
oCSHA1_CTXSHA-1 Context
oCsip_addrSIP Address
oCsip_contactSIP Contact
oCsip_cseqSIP CSeq header
oCsip_hdrSIP Header
oCsip_loopstateSIP Loop-state
oCsip_msgSIP Message
oCsip_taddrSIP Tag address
oCsip_viaSIP Via header
oCsipregDefines a SIP Registration client
oCsrtpSRTP Session
oCsrtp_streamSRTP stream/context – shared state between RTP/RTCP
oCstun_attrDefines a STUN attribute
oCstun_confSTUN Configuration
oCstun_dnsDNS Query
oCstun_keepaliveDefines a STUN Keepalive session
oCstun_msgDefines a STUN Message object
oCtcp_connDefines a TCP connection
oCtcp_helperDefines a TCP-Connection Helper
oCtcp_sockDefines a listening TCP socket
oCtelevDefines a Telephony Events state
oCtmrDefines a timer
oCturncDefines a TURN Client
oCtxstatRTP Transmit stats
oCudp_helperDefines a UDP helper
oCudp_sockDefines a UDP socket
oCuriDefines a URI - Uniform Resource Identifier
\Cvect128Defines a 128-bit vector in network order