baresip  0.5.4
Here is a list of all modules:
oaccountLoad SIP accounts from a file
oalsaAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) audio driver module
oamrThis module supports both AMR Narrowband (8000 Hz) and AMR Wideband (16000 Hz) audio codecs
oaubridgeAudio bridge module
oaudiounitAudio driver module for OSX/iOS AudioUnit
oaufileAudio module for using a WAV-file as audio input
oauloopApplication module for testing audio drivers
oav1The AV1 video codec (Experimental)
oavcaptureVideo source using OSX/iOS AVFoundation
oavcodecVideo codecs using libavcodec
oavformatVideo source using FFmpeg/libav libavformat
ob2buaBack-to-Back User-Agent (B2BUA) module
ocairoCairo video-source module is a video generator for testing and demo purposes
ocodec2The CODEC2 audio codec
oconsConsole User-Interface (UI) using UDP/TCP sockets
ocontactContact module reading contacts from a file
ocoreaudioAudio driver module for OSX CoreAudio
odaalaVery experimental video-codec using Daala
odebug_cmdAdvanced debug commands
odshowWindows DirectShow video-source
odtls_srtpDTLS-SRTP media encryption module
odtmfioDTMF input/output module
oevdevUser-Interface (UI) module using the Linux input subsystem
ofakevideoFake video source and display module
og711The G.711 audio codec
og722The G.722 audio codec
og726The G.726 audio codec
ogsmThe GSM audio codec
ogstAudio source module using gstreamer as input
ogst1Audio source module using gstreamer 1.0 as input
ogst_videoThis module implements video codecs using Gstreamer
ogst_video1This module implements video codecs using Gstreamer 1.0
ogtk_modGTK+ Menu-based User-Interface module
oh265The H.265 video codec (aka HEVC)
ohttpdHTTP Server module for the User-Interface
oiceInteractive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) for media NAT traversal
oilbcILBC audio codec
oisacISAC audio codec
ol16Linear 16-bit audio codec
omenuInteractive menu
ompaThe mpa audio codec
omwiMessage Waiting Indication
onatbdNAT Behavior Discovery Using STUN (RFC 5780)
onatpmpNAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT-PMP)
oopenglVideo display module for OpenGL on MacOSX
oopenglesVideo display module for OpenGLES on Android
oopenslesAudio driver module for Android OpenSLES
oopusThe OPUS audio codec
oossOpen Sound System (OSS) audio driver module
opcpPort Control Protocol (PCP)
oplcPacket Loss Concealment (PLC) audio-filter using spandsp
oportaudioPortaudio audio driver
opulseAudio driver module for Pulseaudio
orstAudio and video source module using mpg123 as input
osdlVideo display using Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL)
osdl2Video display using Simple DirectMedia Layer version 2 (SDL2)
oselfviewShow a selfview of the captured video stream
osilkThe Skype SILK audio codec
osnapshotTake snapshot of the video stream and save it as PNG-files
osndfileAudio filter that writes audio samples to WAV-file
osndioThis module implements audio driver for OpenBSD sndio
ospeexThe Speex audio codec
ospeex_aecAcoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) from libspeexdsp
ospeex_ppAudio pre-processor from libspeexdsp
osrtpSecure Real-time Transport Protocol module
ostdioUser-Interface (UI) module for standard input/output
ostunSession Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) for media NAT traversal
osyslogThis module implements a logging handler for output to syslog
oturnTraversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN) for media NAT traversal
ouuidUUID generator and loader
ov4lVideo4Linux video-source module
ov4l2V4L2 (Video for Linux 2) video-source module
ov4l2_codecV4L2 (Video for Linux 2) video-codec and source hybrid module
ovidbridgeVideo bridge module
ovidinfoDisplay video-info overlay on the encode/decode streams
ovidloopA video-loop module for testing
ovp8The VP8 video codec
ovp9The VP9 video codec
ovumeterSimple ASCII VU-meter for the audio-signal
owinconsUser-Interface (UI) module for Windows Console
owinwaveWindows audio driver module
ox11X11 video-display module
ox11grabX11 window-grabbing video-source module
\zrtpZRTP: Media Path Key Agreement for Unicast Secure RTP