baresip  0.5.4
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*modules/account/account.cLoad SIP accounts from file
o*src/account.cUser-Agent account
o*test/account.cTests for account
o*alsa.cALSA sound driver
o*alsa.hALSA sound driver – internal interface
o*alsa_play.cALSA sound driver - player
o*alsa_src.cALSA sound driver - recorder
o*amr.cAdaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) audio codec
o*amr.hAMR module – internal interface
o*aor.cMock SIP server – SIP Address of Record
o*aubridge.cAudio bridge
o*aubridge.hAudio bridge – internal interface
o*aucodec.cAudio Codec
o*modules/rst/audio.cMP3/ICY HTTP Audio Source
o*src/audio.cAudio stream
o*audiounit.cAudioUnit sound driver
o*audiounit.hAudioUnit sound driver – Internal interface
o*aufile.cWAV Audio Source
o*aufilt.cAudio Filter
o*src/aulevel.cAudio level
o*test/aulevel.cBaresip selftest – audio levels
o*auloop.cAudio loop
o*auplay.cAudio Player
o*ausrc.cAudio Source
o*auth.cMock SIP server – authentication
o*av1.cAV1 Video Codec
o*av1.hPrivate AV1 Interface
o*avcapture.mAVFoundation video capture
o*avcodec.cVideo codecs using libavcodec
o*avcodec.hVideo codecs using libavcodec – internal API
o*avformat.cLibavformat video-source
o*b2bua.cBack-to-Back User-Agent (B2BUA) module
o*baresip.cTop-level baresip struct
o*baresip.hPublic Interface to Baresip
o*bfcp.cBFCP client
o*bv32.cBroadVoice32 audio codec
o*cairo.cCairo module
o*src/call.cCall Control
o*test/call.cBaresip selftest – call
o*call_window.cGTK+ call window
o*cert.cTLS Certificate
o*src/cmd.cCommand Interface
o*test/cmd.cBaresip selftest – cmd
o*codec2.cCODEC2 audio codec
o*conf.cConfiguration utils
o*config.cCore Configuration
o*cons.cSocket-based command-line console
o*modules/contact/contact.cContacts module
o*src/contact.cContacts handling
o*test/contact.cBaresip selftest – contacts
o*context.mOpenGLES Context for iOS
o*core.hInternal API
o*coreaudio.cApple Coreaudio sound driver
o*coreaudio.hApple Coreaudio sound driver – internal API
o*cplusplus.cppBaresip selftest – C++ compatibility
o*daala.cExperimental video-codec using Daala
o*daala.hExperimental video-codec using Daala – internal api
o*debug_cmd.cDebug commands
o*av1/decode.cAV1 Decode
o*avcodec/decode.cVideo codecs using libavcodec – decoder
o*daala/decode.cExperimental video-codec using Daala – decoder
o*g7221/decode.cG.722.1 Decode
o*h265/decode.cH.265 Decode
o*mpa/decode.cMpa Decode
o*opus/decode.cOpus Decode
o*vp8/decode.cVP8 Decode
o*vp9/decode.cVP9 Decode
o*device.cAudio bridge – virtual device table
o*dial_dialog.cGTK+ dial dialog
o*directfb.cDirectFB video display module
o*disp.cVideo bridge – display
o*dnssrv.cMock DNS server
o*domain.cMock SIP server – domain handling
o*dshow.cppWindows DirectShow video-source
o*dtls.cDTLS functions
o*dtls_srtp.cDTLS-SRTP media encryption
o*dtls_srtp.hDTLS-SRTP Internal api
o*dump.cGstreamer playbin pipeline - dump utilities
o*echo.cEcho module
o*av1/encode.cAV1 Encode
o*avcodec/encode.cVideo codecs using libavcodec – encoder
o*daala/encode.cExperimental video-codec using Daala – encoder
o*g7221/encode.cG.722.1 Encode
o*gst_video/encode.cVideo codecs using Gstreamer video pipeline
o*h265/encode.cH.265 Encode
o*mpa/encode.cMpa Encode
o*opus/encode.cOpus Encode
o*vp8/encode.cVP8 Encode
o*vp9/encode.cVP9 Encode
o*evdev.cInput event device UI module
o*fakevideo.cFake video source and video display
o*g711.cG.711 Audio Codec
o*g722.cG.722 audio codec
o*g7221.cG.722.1 Audio Codec
o*g7221.hPrivate G.722.1 Interface
o*g726.cG.726 Audio Codec
o*gsm.cGSM Audio Codec
o*gst.cGstreamer playbin pipeline
o*/gst.cGstreamer 1.0 playbin pipeline
o*gst.hGstreamer playbin pipeline – internal interface
o*gst_video.cVideo codecs using Gstreamer
o*/gst_video.cVideo codecs using Gstreamer 1.0
o*gst_video.hGstreamer video pipeline – internal API
o*/gst_video.hGstreamer video pipeline – internal API
o*gtk_mod.cGTK+ UI module
o*gtk_mod.hGTK+ UI module – internal API
o*h263.cH.263 video codec (RFC 4629)
o*h264.cH.264 video codec packetization (RFC 3984)
o*h265.cH.265 Video Codec
o*h265.hH.265 Video Codec – internal API
o*h26x.hInterface to H.26x video codecs
o*httpd.cWebserver UI module
o*ice.cICE Module
o*ilbc.cInternet Low Bit Rate Codec (iLBC) audio codec
o*isac.cISAC audio codec
o*jack.cJACK audio driver
o*jack_src.cJACK audio driver – source
o*l16.c16-bit linear codec
o*libnatpmp.cNAT-PMP Client library
o*libnatpmp.hInterface to NAT-PMP Client library
o*listener.cPort Control Protocol module – multicast listener
o*location.cMock SIP server – location handling
o*magic.hInterface to magic macros
o*src/main.cMain application code
o*test/main.cSelftest for Baresip core
o*mctrl.cMedia Control
o*menc.cMedia encryption
o*menu.cInteractive menu
o*src/message.cSIP MESSAGE – RFC 3428
o*test/message.cBaresip selftest – message sending
o*metric.cMetrics for media transmit/receive
o*mnat.cMedia NAT
o*mock_aucodec.cMock audio codec
o*mock_auplay.cMock audio player
o*mock_ausrc.cMock audio source
o*mock_vidcodec.cMock video codec
o*mock_vidisp.cMock video display
o*mock_vidsrc.cMock video source
o*mod_jack.hJACK audio driver – internal api
o*modules/omx/module.cRaspberry Pi VideoCoreIV OpenMAX interface
o*src/module.cModule loading
o*src/mos.cMOS (Mean Opinion Score)
o*test/mos.cTest the MOS (Mean Opinion Score) calculator
o*mpa.cMpa Audio Codec
o*mpa.hPrivate mpa Interface
o*mwi.cMessage Waiting Indication (RFC 3842)
o*natbd.cNAT Behavior Discovery Module
o*natpmp.cNAT-PMP Module for Media NAT-traversal
o*src/net.cNetworking code
o*test/net.cBaresip selftest – networking
o*notifier.cPresence notifier
o*omx.cRaspberry Pi VideoCoreIV OpenMAX interface
o*omx.hRaspberry Pi VideoCoreIV OpenMAX interface
o*opengl.mVideo driver for OpenGL on MacOSX
o*opengles.cVideo driver for OpenGLES
o*opengles.hInternal API to OpenGLES module
o*opensles.cOpenSLES audio driver
o*opensles.hOpenSLES audio driver – internal API
o*opus.cOpus Audio Codec
o*opus.hPrivate Opus Interface
o*oss.cOpen Sound System (OSS) driver
o*panel.cVideo-info filter – panel
o*pcp.cPort Control Protocol for Media NAT-traversal
o*pcp.hPort Control Protocol module – internal interface
o*modules/aubridge/play.cAudio bridge – playback
o*modules/winwave/play.cWindows sound driver – playback
o*src/play.cAudio-file player
o*test/play.cBaresip selftest – audio file player
o*audiounit/player.cAudioUnit output player
o*coreaudio/player.cApple Coreaudio sound driver - player
o*opensles/player.cOpenSLES audio driver – playback
o*pulse/player.cPulseaudio sound driver - player
o*plc.cPLC – Packet Loss Concealment
o*png_vf.cWrite vidframe to a PNG-file
o*portaudio.cPortaudio sound driver
o*presence.cPresence module
o*presence.hPresence module interface
o*print.cInput event device info
o*print.hInterface to Input event device info
o*publisher.cPresence Publisher (RFC 3903)
o*pulse.cPulseaudio sound driver
o*pulse.hPulseaudio sound driver – internal API
o*qtcapture.mVideo source using QTKit QTCapture
o*quicktime.cQuicktime video-source
o*realtime.cReal-Time scheduling
o*audiounit/recorder.cAudioUnit input recorder
o*coreaudio/recorder.cApple Coreaudio sound driver - recorder
o*opensles/recorder.cOpenSLES audio driver – recording
o*pulse/recorder.cPulseaudio sound driver - recorder
o*reg.cRegister Client
o*rst.cMP3/ICY HTTP AV Source
o*rst.hMP3/ICY HTTP AV Source
o*rtpext.cRTP Header Extensions
o*rtpkeep.cRTP Keepalive
o*libsrtp/sdes.cSDP Security Descriptions (RFC 4568)
o*srtp/sdes.cSDP Security Descriptions for Media Streams (RFC 4568)
o*libsrtp/sdes.hSDP Security Descriptions (RFC 4568) API
o*srtp/sdes.hSDP Security Descriptions for Media Streams API
o*sdl.cSDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer v1.2
o*/sdl.cSimple DirectMedia Layer module for SDL v2.0
o*sdl.hSimple DirectMedia Layer module – internal interface
o*modules/amr/sdp.cAMR SDP Functions
o*modules/g7221/sdp.cG.722.1 SDP Functions
o*modules/gst_video/sdp.cH.264 SDP Functions
o*modules/mpa/sdp.cMpa SDP Functions
o*modules/opus/sdp.cOpus SDP Functions
o*modules/vp8/sdp.cVP8 SDP Functions
o*modules/vp9/sdp.cVP9 SDP Functions
o*src/sdp.cSDP functions
o*selfview.cSelfview Video-Filter
o*sess.cAudioUnit sound driver - session
o*silk.cSkype SILK audio codec
o*sipreq.cSIP Authenticated Request
o*sipsrv.cMock SIP server
o*sipsrv.hMock SIP server – interface
o*snapshot.cSnapshot Video-Filter
o*sndfile.cAudio dumper using libsndfile
o*sndio.cSndIO sound driver
o*speex.cSpeex audio codec
o*speex_aec.cSpeex Acoustic Echo Cancellation
o*speex_pp.cSpeex Pre-processor
o*aubridge/src.cAudio bridge – source
o*vidbridge/src.cVideo bridge – source
o*winwave/src.cWindows sound driver – source
o*dtls_srtp/srtp.cSecure RTP
o*srtp/srtp.cSecure Real-time Transport Protocol (RFC 3711)
o*stdio.cStandard Input/Output UI module
o*stream.cGeneric Media Stream
o*stun.cSTUN Module for Media NAT-traversal
o*subscriber.cPresence subscriber
o*swscale.cVideo filter for scaling and pixel conversion
o*syslog.cSyslog module
o*test.hSelftest for Baresip core – internal API
o*transfer_dialog.cGTK+ call transfer dialog
o*turn.cTURN Module
o*test/ua.cBaresip selftest – User-Agent (UA)
o*ui.cUser Interface
o*uri_entry.cGTK+ URI entry combo box
o*user.cMock SIP server – user handling
o*util.cSimple DirectMedia Layer module – utilities
o*uuid.cGenerate and load UUID
o*v4l.cVideo4Linux video-source
o*v4l2.cVideo4Linux2 video-source
o*v4l2_codec.cVideo4Linux2 video-source and video-codec
o*vidbridge.cVideo bridge
o*vidbridge.hVideo bridge – internal interface
o*vidcodec.cVideo Codec
o*modules/rst/video.cMP3/ICY HTTP Video Source
o*src/video.cVideo stream
o*vidfilt.cVideo Filter
o*vidinfo.cVideo-info filter
o*vidinfo.hVideo-info filter
o*vidisp.cVideo Display
o*vidloop.cVideo loop
o*vidsrc.cVideo Source
o*vp8.cVP8 Video Codec
o*vp8.hPrivate VP8 Interface
o*vp9.cVP9 video codec
o*vp9.hPrivate VP9 Interface
o*wincons.cWindows console input
o*winwave.cWindows sound driver
o*winwave.hWindows sound driver – internal api
o*x11.cVideo driver for X11
o*x11grab.cX11 grabbing video-source
\*zrtp.cZRTP: Media Path Key Agreement for Unicast Secure RTP